Digital Twinning

Tower Modelling

At Eagle we can create hi-accuracy 3D models of your tower assets allowing for easy inspection, load analysis and equipment audits.


Tower inspection: 

Analyze the tower’s condition by zooming in on specific areas of interest in the images or 3D model.

Generate reports: 

Create reports that include visual documentation, GPS coordinates, and any identified issues or maintenance recommendations.
Asset management: 

Use the mapped data to update asset management systems, track changes over time, and plan maintenance or upgrades.

Make informed decisions: 

Based on the tower mapping data and analysis, make decisions regarding maintenance, repairs, or future development of the tower site.

Tower mapping with a drone offers numerous advantages, including cost-efficiency, safety, and the ability to access hard-to-reach locations. It enhances the accuracy and speed of tower inspections and asset management, ultimately contributing to the overall reliability and functionality of critical infrastructure.


Modelled tower componets

Tower Componets
3-D Model
3-D Model

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