Geomatics and GIS services play a vital role in transforming raw geospatial data into actionable knowledge. By leveraging these technologies, we can help clients improve decision-making, enhance efficiency, and unlock new opportunities across various sectors, leading to smarter and more sustainable practices.



The field of GIS is vast, and we have numerous specialized services and applications available to cater to specific needs and industries. Ask us how we can solve your problem.

Map Visualization

GIS services provide interactive map visualization capabilities, allowing users to explore and analyze geospatial data visually. This includes zooming, panning, and overlaying different layers of information on a map.

Spatial Analysis

We offer a wide range of spatial analysis tools to examine relationships and patterns within geospatial data. These tools include buffering, proximity analysis, spatial querying, clustering, and interpolation.

Geospatial Data Processing

Processing and manipulating geospatial data. This includes tasks like data conversion, projection transformations, raster processing, feature extraction, and data aggregation.

Mobile GIS

Support for mobile devices, allowing users to access and interact with geospatial data on smartphones and tablets. This enables field data collection, location-based services, and real-time data updates in the field.

Geospatial Data Storage and Management

Providing infrastructure for storing, organizing, and managing geospatial data. This includes data repositories, spatial databases, and file systems designed to handle large volumes of spatial information efficiently.


Geocoding is the process of converting addresses or place names into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude). Eagle's services offer geocoding functionalities, enabling the identification of locations on a map based on textual inputs..

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